Gently pat dry freshly washed hair with a good microfiber towel to minimize breakage.

Treat thinning hair with gentle care, and avoid over-brushing, washing, and processing – all of which can further damage already fragile strands.

Invest in a high-quality comb for your hair type to minimize breakage. For curly or wavy hair, use a wide-tooth comb. For straight hair, use a brush with soft, rounded tips.

Toss out any fine-tooth combs and brushes with sharp bristles. These combs can increase breakage – doing more harm than good.

Turn your head upside down to blow dry when you are in a pinch and don’t have time to air or spot dry your hair. This is an easy way to give thinning hair a powerful volume boost.

Take your hair to new heights with a nourishing evening hair care routine. Gently comb out any tangles and tie your hair into a low, loose bun, braid, or ponytail before going to bed.

Massage your scalp using the pads of your fingers before hopping in the shower. This increases blood flow and helps exfoliate pores for a healthier scalp.

Lather up with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Look for a gentler shampoo that is residue-free, weightless, and sulphate-free (sulphate tends to strip hair of its natural oils, which results in dry hair and breakage).

When you can’t squeeze in a shower, use a clear formulation dry shampoo with cornstarch or rice starch.

Use blotting papers to fight oily hair by dabbing the front layers framing your face.

Always, always, always detangle your locks before you shower – dry hair is more durable and less likely to break than wet.

Try a more tousled, wash-and-go style as your new signature look. This is easier to pull off and maintain with thinner hair, and any trouble spots can easily be handled with a little back brushing for volume.

Only wash your hair when necessary. If you can, shampoo every other day to avoid damage from over washing.

Limit your hair’s exposure to direct sunlight. Natural sunlight, and even artificial ultraviolet light, can break down keratin protein in your hair and hamper its elasticity.


  • DO get regular trims. Keeping split ends at bay will make your locks look their thickest and healthiest.
  • DO ask for subtle layers. No matter if your hair is thin, wavy, or curly, a layered cut is a fantastic way to create dimension.
  • DO try a zigzag part to add a little extra volume at the roots.
  • DON’T have hair that’s all one length. Layers can help your hair look fuller.
  • DON’T rule out a chic pixie cut.
  • DON’T get hair extensions. It might be tempting, but the procedure can lead to increased hair thinning due to the pull from the extensions.


  • DO opt for highlights or lowlights around the face to give your hair some dimension and warm up your overall look.
  • DO add gold tones if you’re a brunette or a redhead - it will instantly warm the face.
  • DO stay away from ombré tones. Dark hair on top and light tips on the bottom can draw attention to any thinning at the crown.
  • DO feel free to use Women’s ROGAINE® Foam 5% on dyed hair.
  • DON’T go too dark if you’re exploring new hair colours – this can emphasize the contrast between the scalp and the hair if your skin is lighter than your hair.
  • DON’T go crazy with the bleach. Platinum blonde dye can be too harsh and cause hair to become dry and brittle.