“No more hair loss. ROGAINE® was strongly recommended so I decided to give it a try and it did reduce my hair loss and I even see some new hair. I'm going to continue using it and you should too!”

— Comments from ‘joyjj7’ about Men’s ROGAINE®; May 8, 2018

“Great hair grower. Works great, just be patient and you will see hair growth.”

Comments from ‘Speciallk’ about Men’s ROGAINE®; January 14, 2018

Frankly I was skeptical until I saw the evidence with my own eyes. Now I have no qualms recommending it”

Comments from ‘Jonric’ about Men’s ROGAINE®; January 7, 2018

Hair growth! I used this for about three months until I saw a modest amount of new hair growth. Some is better than none!”

Comments from ‘hania’ about Men’s ROGAINE®; July 17, 2018


“It took a little bit to kick in but I was amazed to feel the new hair sprouting on my head. I don’t have a lot of hair and what I do have is incredibly fine. I thought what do I have to lose and tried it out. If you stick to applying it daily you will see results .. I highly recommend this for anyone with thinning or fine hair.”

Comments from ‘Bran’ about Women’s ROGAINE®; September 15, 2018

“After 7 days I could see new little sprouts along my hair line. 4 months later I have over two full inches of new hair everywhere. It’s like a furry helmet as well as new sprouts still popping up everywhere. My whole scalp has new hair with no signs of stopping, my pony tail is already twice the size. If this keeps up I will have more and thicker hair than ever. I'm 50 now and so excited I feel more like a woman than ever. This product has changed my life.

Comments from ‘cindyloosmom’ about Women’s ROGAINE®; February 15, 2018

“I found this product actually regrew my hair. I think it works great… [it’s] something that I have been noticing for years, that my hair was thinning, and am so happy I was able to use this product. I found that Rogaine did make my hair feel a bit thicker as well. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who thinks their hair is thinning.”

Comments from ‘bingo187’ about Women’s ROGAINE®; August 18, 2018

“My hair is very fine and thin and I’ve tried just about everything on the market and nothing worked. Except for Women's ROGAINE® Foam. My friend has been using this now for months and she swears by it. It took me two months before I saw any new growth. I'm still using it, this is the fourth month now. As long as I can see new growth, I'll keep on using.”

Comments from ‘Anglewings’ about Women’s ROGAINE®; May 10, 2018

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