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Comments from T.P.

I'm feeling a difference in my hair and my confidence ... I think this could help my social life.

I'll tell everyone, 'This stuff works!' ... People would point out my bald spot and those comments hurt. Now I haven't heard a comment in months and I don't have to worry about them anymore ... There's a lot more hair there now.


Comments from E. E.

I was hoping for a recovery from my hair loss. The growth I've got looks good, and I like that ... Some friends have mentioned that they noticed a difference. They mentioned that whatever I'm using is working. These comments make me feel good.

When you look at your head everyday, you don't notice the change. But, when you see a friend every now and then, they're more likely to notice it ... The hair growth is more than I expected. It is pretty impressive.


Comments from T.H.

It's easy to use ... like putting deodorant on in the morning ... At first I wasn't a believer, and now I am. I can feel the new hair. It feels thicker and different.

Image is important to me, and most people ... feeling younger promotes a positive image ... Growing hair will bring me back to a time when I was younger and having fun.


Comments from T.O.

I was losing hair before I started using ROGAINE®, and now I'm not losing any at all. There's none in the shower, or when I'm running my hand through my hair ... I felt the hair getting thicker from the peachy hair that appeared at first. This is good!

I think people think you look less attractive, or you don't fit in with less hair ... I was actually surprised at how much has grown at this time (6 months). It's a self-esteem thing. I feel good about myself now.


Comments from M.F.

It makes me feel good because it's been successful ... hair relates to youth, and I'd like to hold on to my youth as long as possible. Hair helps me to look younger ... A fuller head of hair looks better than no hair.

It's easy to use. You just rub it in. It is a little oily, but not too bad ... I've felt hair up there.


Comments from D.L.

It's going well. The growth is fabulous! ... For myself, looking at it daily, I can't see the change from day to day. But, there is a significant change from when I started.

Using it is not something that is difficult to do, you just make it part of your routine ... From a personal level, I'm now more comfortable about my hair and not having to deal with hair loss at a young age (34).


Comments from K.M.

ROGAINE® works. It's individual, but it certainly has worked for me ... My expectation was to stop losing so much hair in the shower and on the pillow. I've noticed an improvement; less loss, and I think it's coming in thicker.

More hair makes you feel good about yourself ... The growth is great. I'm happier with how I am now.


Comments from C.H.

It's a very easy treatment, part of your daily schedule, just like brushing your teeth ... I've had a couple of people notice and say it looks like it's working ... I feel a bit more confident.

Some people it works for, and some people it doesn't. I'm hoping I'm one of the ones it works for.


Comments from O.M.

I have a pretty youthful attitude towards life, but when I first started thinning, I thought, 'I'm getting old' ... I was excited about the possibility of regrowing my hair. There is an attachment to hair, and it's a masculine trait to have your hair. I'm confident it's helped maintain my hair, and there's a little bit of growth.

I've developed a routine: Shower, dry the hair, and put it on. The second treatment I do in the afternoon ... When you have more hair, you look younger. Everyone wants to look younger.