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Myths about Hair Loss

Many men accept the fact that their hairline is receding, but for some, losing hair can be a sensitive issue.

Men who are losing their hair usually experience similar reactions, firstly denial that the hair loss is occurring, then anxiety because of the stereotypical associations with baldness (being old, unmanly, or unsexy) and finally anger at having what seems like an affliction. Other typical reactions can include depression, or loss of self-esteem.

Because hair loss can be highly emotional, many myths about hair loss have appeared over the years to try and explain hair loss.

Myth: If I want to know whether I'm going to lose my hair, I should look at my mother's family.

Fact: Genetic hair loss can be passed on by either parent, although the strongest influence is on the maternal (mother's) side. The gene, or genes, responsible for this have not yet been identified and the pattern of inheritance is complex. If hair loss runs on either side of the family, it is likely that you too will be affected.

Myth: If you wash your hair too often you will go bald.

Fact: Frequent shampooing itself has no effect, positive or negative, on hair loss, although excessive use of heat with a hair dryer should be avoided